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Asia Web3 Event: September Asia Web3 event, gathering the world’s best Web3 practitioners.

Art and Web3 Innovation Fusion: The spark of art and technology collide to drive the innovation of Web3 products. 15+ famous artists with 300,000+ followers to visit, injecting fresh blood into Web3 products.

Trend and Technology Inspiration: The Seoul landmark Ktown4u is infused with global and youthful elements to inspire the product.

Innovative Technology Exchange and Cooperation: The event includes keynote speeches and panel discussions to promote networking and sharing among technology and art enthusiasts.

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Host Introduction

Daren Market

New E-Commerce Marketplace for the 3.0 Era

Every business on-chain, every business protected. Daren Market provides end-to-end on-chain business security.Explore top-notch global talent and stores, enjoy safe trading, and step into the future with our decentralized work and e-commerce platform.

Host Introduction

Blockkey & ChainWith

Empowering Innovation and Growth

Blockkey and ChainWith are professional blockchain consulting and incubation companies.

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PICKDOL 101 is the world’s first virtual idol + reality trainee audition platform based on the Web 3.0 metaverse.

PICKDOL 101 uses blockchain technology to provide trainees and fans with more transparent and fair audition opportunities.



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What We Do

Creative Events

Art Exhibition

15+ Artists will exhibit their creative works in physical art, digital art, and more. Visitors will have the opportunity to appreciate unique art pieces, and experience the visual and sensory impact brought by Web3 innovations.

Industry Speeches

Global Web3 leaders will share insights on blockchain, dapps, and the crypto economy. Explore Web3’s impact on art, entertainment, finance, and more. Gain inspiration from industry experts, guiding your Web3 journey.


Connect, collaborate, and be inspired. Unwind, network, and explore new opportunities with industry experts, artists, and creatives. Expand your network, explore collaborations, and gain insights from others’ experiences.

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Global Influencers




Sep 1st11:00~20:00Art Exhibition
13:40~13:55Lbank RoadShow
14:00~14:15Mixmarvel RoadShow
14:20~14:35Coincatch RoadShow
14:40~14:55Pickdol 101 RoadShow
15:00~15:15Daren Market RoadShow
15:20~15:35RWA Creation Ahead
15:40~16:00Lili Roadshow
16:10~17:10Introduction of Artists
17:20~18:00NFT & ART Special Session
Sep 2nd11:00~20:00Art Exhibition
13:20~13:35xt.com RoadShow
13:40~13:55Cowokers RoadShow
14:00~14:15CeluvPlay RoadShow
14:20~14:35Pickdol 101 Dance Show
14:40~14:55Pickdol 101 RoadShow
15:00~15:15Konnect RoadShow
15:30~15:45Reapchain RoadShow
15:50~16:05AhnLab Blockchain Company RoadShow
16:10~16:25Pickdol 101 Dance Show
17:05~17:20WEB3.0 Application/ WEB3.0 User Growth Special Session
19:00~22:00Aterparty & Networking
19:10~19:20Pickdol 101 Idol Signing
19:30~19:45Pickdol 101 Dance Show
19:50-20:30Live Drawing
20:30-21:30DJ Show
Sep 3rd11:00~20:00Art Exhibition
13:45~14:00Pickdol 101 Dance Show
13:40~14:00Pickdol 101 RoadShow
14:00~18:00ZK Knowledge Sharing
17:05~17:20Pickdol 101 Dance Show
19:30~19:45Pickdol 101 Dance Show
Sep 4th11:00~20:00Art Exhibition
15:00~16:001.CART Road Show


Coex Artium 4F, 513 Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

서울 강남구 영동대로 513 4층, coex신한카드artium

오시는 길

차량 이용안내

서울시 강남구 영동대로 513(삼성동, 코엑스) 내비게이션에서 ‘코엑스몰 동문주차장’을 검색하세요.
coex신한카드artium과 가까운 주차구역은 B2 그린존 입니다.
(티켓소지자에 한하여 4시간 4,800원 할인 적용)

지하철 이용안내

지하철 2호선 삼성역 6번출구 229m, 지하철 9호선 봉은사역 7번출구 524m

버스 이용안내

coex신한카드artium(무역센터)앞(정류장번호 23199), 그랜드 인터콘티넨탈 앞(정류장 번호 23201)

  • -간선버스: 143, 146, 333, 341, 360, 740, N13(심야), N61(심야)
  • -지선버스: 2413, 4419, 3411
  • -직행버스: 500-2, 9407, 9414, 9507, 9607, 1100, 1700, 2000, 2000-1, 7007, 8001, 9303, 9414
  • -마을버스: 강남1, 강남6, 강남07, 강남08

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